science based physio

physiowalks.com is a mainstream health provider. We'll explain what the latest research says works for your musculoskeletal condition. And we'll follow through with interventions supported by science, and your preferences, within your budget.

what do we mean by "science"?

We mean something along the lines of the UK Science Council's definition:
"Science is the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence."

We'll cover anatomy & physiology, what treatments work, as well as economics, and the operations of the health system.

some science based medicine books we like

why physiowalks.com?

Walking is consistent with our clinical approach. We stress affordability, accessibility, and science-based treatments.
Because walking is the perfect free and accessible exercise. Whether it is a stroll on a sunny day, walking to and from work, or walking down to the local shops, the act of putting one foot in front of the other in a rhythmic manner is as much human nature as breathing and thinking. But because of pain, or injury, or lack of confidence, you may have slowed or stopped walking. Which is where we may be able to help. Read more

accessible & affordable physio

Our short care plans aim to give you the physical and emotional tools to get control over your problem today. And the skills, knowledge, and confidence to prevent repeat visits tomorrow.
We're accessible via telehealth 7 days a week. Telehealth physio is cheaper than face to face and according to research, as effective.
We find that 2-3 consultations over several weeks is enough for many people to recover, and manage most flare-ups into the future.


physiowalks.com was founded by Dr. Andrey Zheluk (physiotherapist).
Dr Zheluk is a clinician, academic and researcher. In addition to qualifications in physio, he has a PhD (medicine), as well as graduate diplomas in interactive media and in history. He lives in Blackhealth in the Blue Mountains. Dr Zheluk's clinical experience has largely focused on chronic pain, occupational health, disability and community health.

He also has many years of health industry experience. This experience includes CEO of a GP organisation, designing and implementing population health and clinical programs, in drug and alcohol, mental health, infectious diseases, chronic pain across Australia and internationally.

His current research is directed at improving understanding of how patients really learn about back pain from the internet. organisations we like


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