what to expect

A typical face to face or telehealth care plan may consist of the following:
Session 1: This includes: a review of your medical history, your x rays and other investigations. How are you managing movement and managing pain? Do you need a brace or splint or crutches? Rehabilitation and self-care exercises to do at home. Curated Youtube clips of suggested movements to do and avoid. Science and suggestions discussion, and emailed to you. Around 1 hour. Session 2: Typically one week later. Progressing your exercises and home activities. Review of the science behind your condition, and typical progress. Staying motivated. Warning signs to look out for. Around 45 minutes.

Session 3:
Typically one week more later. Increasing your tolerance for exercise, work and life. Checking your understanding. Letter for your GP or specialist. Discussion about low cost options available locally to keep you motivated. Around 45 minutes.

follow up

Short term follow up: Two weeks after your last appointment via email or phone as you prefer. No cost. Around 10 minutes. Long term follow up: At 3 months after your last appointment. Via email or phone as you prefer. No cost. Around 10 minutes.

after injury. after surgery.

After an injury or after surgery you’ll want to return to your usual routines as soon as possible. We help you learn to move within your current abilities. And then to extend your abilities. So you can get back to living.