what to expect

A typical face to face or telehealth care plan may consist of:
session 1: how can understanding science work for me? We'll review your specific musculoskeletal or movement problem. What are the principles of scientific evidence? We'll teach you how to look up and collect scientific evidence relevant to you. And then send you a brief review of the scientific evidence relevant to your condition by email. About 1 hour. session 2: review Typically one week later. We'll review your understanding of searching for relevant scientific evidence. Then, we'll give you some suggestions that should help you feel like you’re getting best value from the health system. What are the ideas behind government schemes relevant to you. Finally, we'll give you some suggestions about how to improve your interactions with medical specialists. Around 45 minutes.

follow up

Short term follow up:
Two weeks later via email or phone as you prefer. No cost. Around 10 minutes.

Long term follow up:
At 6 months. Via email or phone as you prefer. No cost. Around 10 minutes.

navigating the health system

Navigating conflicting opinions, cost, and a confusing health system isn’t easy. While we include health system navigation as part of all of our care plans, this service takes navigation a step further.

We’ll teach you about how you can become an expert in your specific musculo-skeletal condition.
Learn where the trusted sources of internet information are, what medical terms mean, what the research says works for your condition. And what government schemes are available to help you. So you can use the health system wisely.