services is affordable & accessible physio. We operate a clinic in the upper blue mountains of NSW, and provide telehealth (online) services. Specific services are described below.


telehealth (online physio)

7 days a week by prior appointment

All of the services described below are offered via face to face or telehealth.

brief email or phone advice
contact us for a 10 minute no - obligation free advice via email or phone.



BANC Fitness & Walks. Free walking and yoga


falls prevention

work & life & travel



after injury. after surgery

back pain

leg pain

men's health

for over 40's

navigating the health system

understand conflicting advice

talks & research

for clinicians and patients

consultation fees

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Blackheath clinic and house calls by prior appointment only.

Office Doc. 255 Great Western Highway Blackheath NSW Australia.

Or via telehealth (online physio).