Telehealth is increasingly popular in Australia and internationally. 

Telehealth is also increasingly being used to deliver physio online.  

This shift to telehealth comes at a time when the physio profession is generally moving away from less effective treatments such as spinal manipulation, taping, electrical modalities, and dry needling.


As a profession, physio is increasingly focused on changing your pain and movement by taking the time to understand your problem, and to suggest exercises and movements and behaviours that can help you recover. And a toolkit of specific activities that you can take away with you. 

This is where telehealth comes in.


Does telehealth physio work?

Yes. Overall telehealth physio seems to be as effective as face to face.
See our brief research review.

Is teleheath physio cheaper?

Yes. We offer telehealth consultations for $50. 

Why is it cheaper? Basically, we don’t need to maintain large separate clinic rooms 7 days a week, or the accompanying reception staff.

Please note - in Australia, private insurers, WorkCover and Medicare do not yet cover physio telehealth. However, GPs and specialists are able to claim telehealth. So our services can complement these specialist and GP services. 

At this stage we are only offering services within Australia.

How does it work? 

1) Contact us and let us know your preferred time. 7 days a week by prior appointment.

2) We’ll thenl ask you fill out an online form to make sure that telehealth is suitable for you. This will include a registration process.

3) Next, we’ll make a time that suits you. We offer 45 minute appointment with an experienced physio, 7 days a week by prior appointment. 


4) We’ll work out what your problems are, and come up with a plan to help.


5) We’ll provide a series of exercise videos, and a brief review of what the latest scientific evidence says about what works for your musculoskeletal condition.


6) We’ll provide written advice for managing your pain, and getting back to your usual activities.

If you  wish, we can also send a copy of this written to your GP or specialist.

Follow up

Generally 2-3 formal consultations in total, over two or three weeks is enough. We’re happy to provide specific advice via email for 1 month after your last consultation. 

What about the technology?


Our preferred technology is zoom. We just send you a link to click on. That’s it.


Zoom works on Apple and Android phones, and most computers. 

If you prefer, we can also use other programs including Skype, and What’s App.

We can do it with the video on or video off as you prefer.

Interested in finding out more?

Please contact us.